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The Carriage Dog, the Dalmatian
Ever since the movie about the 101 Dalmatians, this spectacular spotted dog has grown in popularity. The Dalmatian’s history however goes beyond that of the movie. He is also known as a “carriage dog” or a “firehouse dog”. Before the “horseless carriage”, horses were used to pull the fire wagons and the dog became a […]
Homemade Dog Food for Allergic Dogs - 5 Essential Tips
Contrary to what many people believe, dogs are allergic to various things. That is why every owner should know what suitable foods to feed their pet to avoid future allergy breakouts. To ensure that your best friend is only eating the right type of food, learn how to make homemade dog food for allergic dogs […]
What Causes My Dog to Foam at the Mouth?
You can think of all the things that dogs can get into either in the house or outside. My sister’s dog got a hold of a frog the other day, put it in her mouth and then spit out the frog. She made sure the frog was okay, but the dog started foaming at the […]
5 Reasons Little Dogs Need Training Too!
Quite often people that own small dogs say that their dog doesn’t need training because it is just a small dog. That isn’t true. Small dogs need training just like the big guys do and here are just a few of the reasons why. 1. Because they are always with you Small dogs seem to […]
Different Dog Breeding Methods
Dog breeding is not as simple as you think. Many responsible pet owners favor to get purebred dogs nowadays. Even on a similar multiplies, breeding lines are inclined to produce different traits and types of dogs. As you can watch, dog breeding is a complex undertaking and without enough knowledge, you can’t be an impressive […]
Not All Dogs Benefit From A Summer Haircut or Shave Down
It would be impossible to count how many times each summer a professional groomer is asked to shave a client’s dog in an attempt to make it cooler. Here in rural Montana where the summers are scorching, I have had requests to shave almost every breed imaginable. It is a common misconception that all dogs […]
Dogs Can Sign, Too - A Breakthrough Method For Teaching Your Dog to Communicate - By Sean Senechal
Have you ever wanted to sit down and have a conversation with your dog? Or just ask your pooch “Why are you barking?” Well, that just might be possible according to Sean Senchal. In her book “Dogs Can Sign, Too”, she presents a method for communicating with your canine — a system of gestures that […]
Hypoallergenic Dogs - Is This Your Dog?
When we talk about hypoallergenic dogs, we mean that they have a less or reduced tendency to cause allergies or allergic reaction among allergy sufferers. It has been estimated that about 10% of the US population is allergic to animals (American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology). Symptoms of the reactions can range from watery […]
My Dog Is Constipated - What Should I Do?
Just like their owners, just about all dogs will periodically suffer from constipation; some more than others. In most cases, simple precautions and home remedies work enough to help them. However, if the problem gets out of control, it could become serious, expensive and possibly fatal. Owners of dogs on medications, inactive, older and senior […]
Will Eating Chili Dogs Help Me With My Constipation?
If you are suffering from constipation you might get a lot of strange advice on how to cure it. If you’ve been wondering if chili dogs will help you get things moving, you might want to think twice. If you’ll be eating a regular beef hotdog, and traditional beef chili, it will probably make the […]
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