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The Power of Cat Staring
Cats do not have to resort to physical force to be victorious in a conflict. They often use their most subtle and safest technique in a rival face-off – staring. Cats interpret staring as intimidation and rivalry. That explains why when a group of friends is visiting your house, the person who does not want […]
Sphynx Cats - Pros and Cons
The Sphynx cat is pretty obviously different from the average furred cat in how much hair it has, but what are the other traits of a Sphynx cat and will they be suitable for you? One of the most quoted pros for a Sphynx is its supposed hypoallergenic properties, alas these claims are baseless as […]
Are Cats Color Blind?
No, is the answer, however, their color vision is quite poor. In the first half of this century scientists were positive that cats were completely color blind and one expert reworked a popular saying with the words: ‘Day and night, all cats see gray.’ That was the persisting attitude in the 1940s, however during the […]
Is Uva Ursi Safe For Cats?
If your pet has a bladder infection, you may have read some articles online and are wondering: is Uva Ursi safe for cats. The short answer is yes, but there are some important things you need to know. In this article, you’ll learn more about this effective herb, what you need to be aware of […]
Personality and Behaviours of Persian Cats
General Description Persian cats are beautiful, social and harmless pet animal. It is also called Iranian cats or Shirizi cats. The scientific name of this pet animal is Felis catus. Persians have silky shiny fur, round face, glowing eyes and long hairs on whole body. The cats are generally famous for quiet and sweet behaviors. […]
Helpful Advice on Caring for Senior Cats
Sooner or later, your beloved cat will start to get old and experience physical changes. This typically occurs between the ages of seven and ten. However, some are fortunate enough to stave off major changes until approximately 12 years old. Whenever the time finally comes though, you will need to make a few changes in […]
14 Amazing Facts That Explain Why Tortoiseshell Cats Are The Best Cats To Own
1. Tortoiseshell cats are mostly always going to be females Through the genetics, tortoiseshell cats will most likely be females. If you are searching for a male tortoiseshell GOOD LUCK, They are very hard to come by and highly sought after. “No wonder every tortoiseshell cat I come across is a female” it’s not just […]
How to Identify a Neglected Cat
Many people think their cat’s behaviors are because the cat was abused or neglected. I want to clear this up for you. Abused cats are rare. Most cats are just wary of strangers. Bad behavior is usually because they were never taught correctly or played with aggressively. So, how can you identify an abused or […]
Cats, Vikings and Witchcraft
The Vikings certainly loved cats. In Norway and Iceland cats were in high demand. Unfortunately for the cats, the people of Norway saw no value in a living cat; it was the fur they absolutely adored. Even the fox could not compete with the cat. The Norwegian king Magnus VI, the law-mender (1238 – 1280) […]
5 Activities Cats Love to Engage in Whenever They Can
Cats Love To Scratch And Claw It is instinctive of cats to scratch and claw different surfaces as the way of sharpening their claws. Actually, they have lots of fun doing this. In addition to sharpening their claws, scratching can help relax and rejuvenate cats. Think of it as the human equivalent to a nice, […]
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