5 Reasons Little Dogs Need Training Too!

5 Reasons Little Dogs Need Training Too!

Quite often people that own small dogs say that their dog doesn’t need training because it is just a small dog. That isn’t true. Small dogs need training just like the big guys do and here are just a few of the reasons why.

1. Because they are always with you

Small dogs seem to always be with you at your side no matter where you go in the house. For that reason having a trained dog is important for the manners.

2. They need house training


Big or small they all need house training. Nothing worse than a little guy that just does it business anywhere and anytime. Just because the piles are smaller does not mean that you should not worry about house training. Keep in mind that the number 1 reason dogs of all sizes end up in a shelter is because of house training issues.

Training your pet establishes the dog master relationship and teaches your dog that you are the master and that there are rules that need to be followed.

3. Little dogs need manners

Nothing is worse than going to someone’s home that has a barking, jumping little dog that is snapping at your ankles. We have all seen it and don’t like it. Taking your dog through an obedience training program is important even for the little guys. Don’t forget they also need proper socialization before they are 20 weeks old just so you don’t have an aggression issue when they turn one year.

4. To save their life

Training your small dog a few simple exercises can actually save its life. Teaching the come command is important when your dog is heading for the street. If it comes when you call then it did not get hit by the car.

5. So you can be proud of them

So many people are constantly making excuses for their poorly behaved dog. When you stop and think, it is not the dog’s fault it is the owner that just wouldn’t take the time to train their dog so that they had a pet they could be proud of.

Dog training is not that expensive or difficult to do. Give your dog one 15 minute session a day and you will have a trained dog. Training will also develop that dog master bond that is so important to have a well behaved dog that you can truly enjoy.



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